Group Goals, Objectives and Tactics

By Alex Bennett

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This week in my group for class, we collectively determined what goals, strategies and tactics we wanted to make use of through our public relations campaign.

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But of course, first we had to all agree on the definition of what a goal was, and our textbook provided us with that knowledge quite handily. In public relations, a goal is “a statement rooted in the organization’s mission or vision. It is stated in general terms and lacks measures. Goals are set by public relations managers, usually as an implementation of a strategic plan.”

Objectives, on the other hand, are a bit like goals but more specific. In public relations an objective is “a statement emerging from the organization’s goals. It is clear, measurable and written to point the way to awareness, acceptance or action. They are important because they give the planner a reference point for evaluation.”

There are also YouTube videos about setting goals and objectives, like the one below for example, by Bill Corbett.

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With all this information at our disposal, my group decided on three main goals, and each goal had three objectives and three tactics within, detailing how best to go about accomplishing those goals. We designed a document to present them as well, which you can click just below. It details all the goals I’m about to go over.


Our first goal is to increase awareness. To increase awareness, our first objectives are to increase Facebook followers by 5%, increase news placements to one per quarter and increase Facebook reach by 5%. We plan to accomplish this by developing a consistent posting schedule for the Facebook page, posting three times per day and searching out strong content to share that might interest followers. We also plan to strengthen connections to the Waco Tribune-Herald and more regularly update contacts there. Finally, to increase awareness, we plan to invest in “boosts” for Facebook posts to gain larger reach and audience.

Personally, I’m a big fan of these goals because they’re specific, measurable, attainable and realistic. We didn’t yet set a specific deadline by which to accomplish everything, but I think we all assume we plan on accomplishing them by the time the public relations campaign comes to an end.

Our second and third goals have to do with increasing action. We want to increase donations to The Cove and increase fundraiser attendance. To do this, we have a total of six objectives and six tactics. For the first goal, we want to increase visibility of sponsorships and partnerships each day, by giving donors/sponsors/partners shoutouts on social media for each day’s dinner donor.

We also want to put specific donation calls on social media more regularly at a rate of once per week, by creating a graphic with specific donation words to post once per week and feature on the website to keep it at the top of their mind.

We finally want to create a subscription-like system to regulate long-term donations, by researching different donor management systems, getting board approval, and beginning publicizing of an automatic donation system through email newsletter and social media.

As for increasing fundraiser attendance, we want to get one new student organization from Baylor University involved for each fundraiser activity, increase social media advertising for each fundraiser dinner and increase print advertising for each fundraiser dinner.

To get all that done, we plan on researching student organizations whose goals and interests align with The Cove, and focus on multicultural organizations who do not already have a main philanthropic partnership. We also plan on creating unique graphics for each dinner at The Cove and posting them on Facebook two weeks out from the event. Additionally, we plan on hanging flyers on community bulletin boards on Baylor’s campus and in restaurants and cafes frequented by Baylor students.

Overall, I think we’ve come up with goals and objectives and tactics that won’t necessarily be easy, but will be useful and realistically achievable. Honestly, I tend to be very proud of my group. Everyone contributes and our work gets done on time.

Really, I look forward to what all sorts of other things we might be able to accomplish.


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